We are  originally from Torino Italy. Our family has a pretty long tradition of innovators and intelellctuals, the last one, our grandfather discovered a long line of underground tunnels made in the 17th century & created the Pietro Micca museum , one of the most important museum in Torino and one of the most important military museum in Italy.


Our parents and us moved to Mexico in 2002, and in 2006 we created Amoretti Brothers. At the beginning the company took the name of Hermandad de la Costa (inspired by the spanish fort of Acapulco and the history of the pirates during the 16th century). The same year Andrea, the eldest brother, moved from Italy to NY, and created the U.S. company -Amoretti Brothers Inc. - to handle de distribution of the products in the U.S. and, since this name was pretty appealing, all our products are now sold under the brand name Amoretti Brothers.


To begin with, the story of AmorettiBrothers is described by our various journeys around Mexico, between big cities and very small undiscovered pueblos, but also by our passion for arts & crafts, plus the geniality of our designer (and mom), Anna.In fact, in early 2000`s we started collecting outstanding mexican art pieces. Traveling through little towns and "pueblos" in Mexico, we were fascinated by ancient exchange of traditions and art craft techniques between Mexico and Europe, a cultural blend wich was the inspiration behind the idea of creating a new company and introduce new high-end products with their own style in the housewares and gifts market.


So in 2006, AmorettiBrothers was born and the the first collection of decorative pieces and gifts in copper was introduced few months later in New York at the Gift Show, immediately reaching the attention of the most important buyers. In fact, in 2007 the first U.S. store who bought our product was Bergdorf Goodman, a year later Neiman Marcus, then Dean & Deluca and many others.


We then started to design their own first hand-painted ceramic collection, produced in collaboration with a ceramist in the small "Pueblo" of Tlalpujahua, a beautiful town in the heart of the Mexican forest known as the "Sanctuary of the Butterfly" where every year the monarch-butterfly migrate in winter.We were so in love of the location that we decided to buy a beautiful land to create our first studio/warehouse in the middle of Mexico, brang machinery from Italy and created our own works there.


In 2008 we launched a new product line: the copper cookware collection. The hand hammered Copper Cookware is a key stone in the mediterranean cooking tradition and an instrument for the most refined chefs. Always present and used, for generations, in our villa in northern Italy. From this, many new creation followed and new designs have been added to the collection with the aim to create a group of pieces which now reflect the idea of a lifestyle, bringing the company to contribute to the cookware ,tabletop and gifts market with unique and luxury handmade products.


At the end of 2012 our company decided to distribute the products also in Mexico and now our products are sold in the best stores in Mexico City and in other beautiful locations around the Country. In the early 2014 Alberto, the second brother, decided to exit from the operations of the company (still remaining a partner) so now Amoretti Brothers is handled by Andrea & Alessandro, with our mom Anna as chief designer.


Our dream to build a studio/production center came true in 2009 when we decided to buy a land in the middle of Mexico, by a tiny out-of-time Pueblo Magico, Tlalpujahua in Mich., where we are now building our facilities in the middle of the nature. The place is few minutes away from the U.N. heritage site "Biosphere of the Monarch Butterflies", where these beautiful butterflies migrate from canada every fall. Also, it was the most important gold mine in the early 1930s and now is a center of production of Christmas ornaments and decorations.


AmorettiBrothers, is committed to promoting the native artistry -and artisans- that breathe life into its works. Every product signed AmorettiBrothers is handmade by the most skilled artisans in Michoacan, Mexico.Our products proudly represent the wisdom and know-how of the local artist. Every piece ,with its uniqueness and genuineness, goes beyond standardization of the industrial production protecting the heritage of the art-craft tradition.


At the same time our company is dedicated to protecting the environment by:

  • Guaranteeing that everything used in production, from raw materials to final packaging, is natural , recyclable or made from recycled goods.

  • Minimizing waste by recycling or reusing all excess materials such as clay, copper, and glass.

  • Ensuring that 90 percent of production involves traditional, energy conserving practices. All glass items are mouth blown, copper and ceramic pieces are handmade by local artisans.