The Kilner business was first established by John Kilner in the 1840's in England. Initially producing glass bottles and jars, it was towards the end of the 19th century when the original Kilner Jar was first invented. The original Kilner jar is as much-loved and successful now as it was 120 years ago.


Its long-lasting popularity is owed to its distinctive pressure seal and iconic design.

Put simply, households all over the world trust it to successfully preserve and pickle their fruit and vegetables. In the 1900's, Kilner presented its innovation as 'the original and the best, all other brands are substitutes', a claim which remains relevant today, and is a testament to its impressive heritage.


From Clip Top jars to Screw Top jars, drinks dispensers to gift sets, Kilners range of preserving equipment offers everything you need to successfully pickle and preserve fruit and vegetables.

Let’s not forget our Drinks Works collection which includes all of the equipment you will need to start brewing your very own beer, wine or cider. Ideal for stocking up your cellar for impromptu celebrations.