Based in the beautiful Sonoma Valley, Kahn.Kahn is a sales representation and marketing group serving kitchen, home, winery, garden and home decor gift retailers in Northern California and Northern Nevada since 1988. We work hard and have a lot of fun. Afterall, we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and oh that wine! Our office is set adjacent to mountains and vineyards with beautiful vistas. Of course, that is what you can see only from the parking lot; our office is in a warehouse building with no windows.


We pride ourselves on having long lasting relationships with our vendors and customers. We instill in our group the belief that no sale is complete until all parties, the retail customer, the retailer, the manufacturer and the sales people are satisfied and that all has been done to the highest standards.  


Phil is the fearless leader of our group. For over 35 years, he has watched the housewares march of time and products. He remembers the Tuna Turner,  the Bagel Vice and other culinary classics as they have come and gone. He has been through many color fads and has walked many miles in the Housewares Show's aisles. Phil is a California native who started out as a rep in San Francisco then trekked across the country to Boston to be Vice President of Wusthof Trident Cutlery. He and Mara made their escape from the snow and humidity and returned to the Bay Area and formed Kahn.Kahn in 1988. Phil is rarely far apart from his dog, Fenway Bark. Phil projects an air of quiet sophistication, but he is very funny. Phil starts most days at the gym by 5 AM.

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Meri is a corporate drop out who thoroughly enjoys the wine country lifestyle. After 20+ years in the apparel business she packed up her designer shoes and moved to Sonoma. Meri joined Kahn.Kahn in May, 2014, as Office Administrator but has since taken on new self-assigned titles like Director of Communications, Chief Retailer Liaison, Head Cookie Baker and Lead Dog Walker. In her spare time, Meri enjoys home renovations, entertaining friends, gardening, canning and until her recent passing, short, slow walks with her sidekick, Sadie.



Elizabeth is a no nonsense gal! She gets it done in the East Bay and beyond. With a strong background in retailing and merchandising, and a great eye for product placement, she is a powerhouse rep and a mom to 2 teenage daughters. Elizabeth is highly data driven, with a sharp wit and a quick mind. She is our company whirlwind!



Mara is our one-woman corporate SWAT team. She takes care of getting done what needs to be gotten done, when it needs doing. Though she is rarely in the office, she is the Chief Financial Officer, IT Manager, Website Designer, Office Caterer, Director of Morale, Lead Problem Solver, Director of Travel Planning, Head Graphic Designer, wife to Phil and friend to all. She is the glue that hold us together.  Mara is a fabulous cook and party giver. Both she and Phil are glad there are so many wonderful bakers in our group as she is not a good baker.

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Fenway Bark, a Chocolate Lab, is a very big boy who rarely leaves Phil's side. Fenway has a part-time job as a therapy dog: Fenway and Mara are a Readers of the Pack team with 4 Paws Learning & Wellness Center. They go to a local elementary school and read with the children. Fenway is a gentle cookie-eating soul. He wished Sadie gave him the time of day.


Oh, how we miss the late, great Sadie, Meri's Yellow Lab. She graced us with her presence a few days a week. Unaccustomed to a day's work, Sadie was happiest when her belly was being rubbed or Phil sneaked her treats. She feigned indifference to Fenway, but we know she played hard to get. He still comes in looking for her each morning.


To reach Fenway stop by and bring cookies.