Robert W.O. Ball, Jr, with many years experience in the Housewares Industry (through working for Zayre’s, HPM-Mayer, Fox Run Craftsmen and Creative House) decided with Mark Weatherhead in 1993 to create their own Cookie Cutter and Housewares company.


R&M International boasts the largest selection of Cookie Cutter designs at the wholesale level, as well as extensive Bakeware and Gadget lines.

Serving the individual kitchen and gourmet shop, R&M provides many unique items.


In the Cookie Cutters range, R&M Int’l has mini’s, 3”, 5”, 8” sizes, and sets in gift boxes and cans. The cookie cutters are made of traditional tinplate and polyresin coated steel in dynamite, dishwasher-safe colors.


To complement the Cookie Cutters, R&M offers a substantial range of Linzers, Cookie Stampers, Bakeware, from baking pans in tinplate and non-stick, rolling pins, brushes, pie shields and dividers, pie birds, ceramic pie weights, and cooling racks.


Over 100 mini-gadget items are available in clear buckets for easy display and impulsive buying. Many gadget items are also sold: apple machines, egg rings, corn items, clam and oyster shuckers, measuring spoons and cups, tea and coffee items, spatulas, whisks, graters, ceramic bean pots, soup dishes, and icing/cake decorating supplies.